IPQMI Director Dr. Robert W.Robertson

     International Project & Quality Management Institute (IPQMI) is a non-profit organization, and an academy and certificate accreditation organization of European and American International Culture and Education Foundation (EAICE-Foundation, http://www.eaice-foundation.org). We are an official member of AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business http://www.aacsb.edu), ACBSP (The Academy of Collegiate Business Schools and Projectshttp://www.acbsp.us), WWC (Worldwide Classroom http://www.worldwide.edu), IDETC (International Distance Education and Training Congress http://www.idetc.us), and also accredited member of IACUE (International Association for College and University Education http://www.iacue.org), the worldwide hallmark of excellence in education.IPQMI is also an accredited member of ACICS (Accrediting Council of International Certificates and Societies http://www.acics.us / ).  

The mission statement of our institution is as follows: we aim to increase the opportunity of interaction within academy field nationally and internationally. Our institution merges the diverse culture, social background and expertise in one place. Moreover, we hold several academic activities which enhance the depth of theoretical thesis in order to improve our academic status in the world. For example, cross cultural community, theoretical discussion, academic tour and publishing articles. The purpose of our institution for the governmental organization operators is to follow the mission statement and assignment which is under the control of department for Education. Our institution is under the guidance and supervisor by various governmental organization departments.    

The certificate issued by IPQMI is also recognized by the world leading universities.  Candidates who obtain IPQMI certificated are qualified to apply same certificate issued by University of Hawaii (fees pay separately).

IPQMI is fast developing in China and the certificate has been highly recommended by School of Business of Peking University and well-known financial, academic institutions, universities in both countries. Candidates who obtain IPQMI certificated are qualified to apply same certificate issued by Peking University (fees pay separately).

Structure of the Organization

The structure of the organization is composed of 9 affairs members  who  elected from members. Moreover, we selected 5 general secretary members from the affairs members. One general secretary member role is as the chief member of the organization. The rest of 5 general secretary members role are as the auditors to supervise the organization operation. Those members are generated from academic, business and governmental organization members who all fulfill with superior of academic backgrounds. Thus, the general secretary is selected to response the committee operation.

Our Committee Belief

    This IPQMI is fulfill with perfect professionalism, total assurance, high academic quality, completed responsibility to obey the law, sincerely service attitude and absolutely sincerity for the society.

IPQMI Member

We have totally 5,588 IPQMI members worldwide.

IPQMI Statement

  • To promote international project and quality management academic research
  • To develop international project and quality management professional talents
  • To issue international project and quality management journals
  • To enhance the quality of national industries project operation
  • To establish international certificate audit system
  • To provide a wide range project and quality management training courses
  • To organize international project and quality management seminar
  • To collaboration with international organizations to hold activities related to project and quality management
  • To study the latest project and quality management practice cases
  • To hold regular meetings of Executive and Supervisory Committee, Supervisory Committee and member of the general assembly

    Operation Performance

        The IPQMI has lot of resources of academic, government, enterprises human resources. The IPQMI can help governmental agencies, academic department to held various of conference and academic activities in order for knowledge sharing.

    Future Development

        The IPQMI utilizes all various human resources and equipments, internal and international colleges and universities to create academic knowledge sharing and thesis publishing affairs and promote the interchange the international scholars and academic knowledge sharing.

    Tailored Programs by Experts


    The IPQMI is known for its world-class certification and designation programs for working professionals. We now offer these programs to your organization, your people and your products. Have your team take our program tailored around your products and customer segments. Or perhaps our Global Advance Project and Quality Management Program with deep-dive sessions based on upcoming campaigns and product launches. Our program can be conducted around your chart of accounts and real-world costing and project control sheets from your specialized functions. Perhaps you need to develop risk or compliance competencies through the various programs. Tailored, globally relevant training provided by world- class experts. Global standards are crucial to the project and qualitymanagement profession. Standards ensure a basic project and quality management framework is applied consistently worldwide.


    By attending this practical and informative program, you will:


       .Appreciate the benefits of accurate project and quality management

       .Master the art of efficient project delivery

       .Use project and quality analysis as a key business driver

       .Comply with major international project and quality and quality management standards

       .Successfully determine the appropriate technological solutions for your projects

       .Develop a comprehensive tool-kit for successful project and quality management that you can use immediately

       .Become a professional project and quality manager


    This highly practical qualification has been specifically designed for:


       .Organizational Project and Quality Managers

       .Team Leaders

       .Senior Analysts

       .Executive Directors

       .Operations Directors

       .Program and Quality Managers

       .Research and Development Officers

       .Research Scientists

       .Management Consultants and other Contractors

       .Plus anyone who is involved in a project or program delivery and has to use sound methodology

        and planning within a series of milestones and deliverables.