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As markets become more complex, business professionals are challenged to play a more dynamic role in their company's success than ever before. The IPQMI Certificate in Business/Management is designed to help professionals master the complexities of managing businesses and strengthen their skills in current business theory and practice. It helps you become a highly productive manager and enhance your organization's competitiveness.

Through exposure to a broad range of management theories and practices, this certificate prepares you for leadership and management roles in business. Certification by a high-quality, independent academic institution can legitimize professional knowledge and validate transferable skills - a critical factor in changing jobs across industries. The Certificate has been developed for you pursuing a professional designation from an association or institute association, university, and/or college alumni adding management responsibilities to their portfolios candidates for career change, from both university and non-university backgrounds.


PMP - Project Management Professional

Doctor of Project Management Professional (DPMP) 
Master of Project Management Professional (MPMP) 
Certified Associate of Project Management Professional (CPMP)

QMP - Quality Management Professional

Doctor of Master of Quality Management Professional (DQMP) 
Master of Quality Management Professional (MQMP) 
Certificate of Quality Management (CQM)

HRMP - Human Resource Management Professional

Doctor of Human Resource Management (DHRM) 
Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP)